“The aquapelago may be generally defined as an assemblage of the marine and land spaces of a group of islands and their adjacent waters.“ [Philip Hayward 2012]

The Lazzaretti Veneziani project promotes the civic role of museums in support of their territory of reference. The ecomuseum is designed to function as a cultural and experimental incubator (narration, research and valorization), developing projects born of the passion and dedication of the local population.

Particular attention is devoted to the promotion and intergenerational transmission of the artisanal and seafaring traditions, through workshops, meetings and regattas.

The Venice Laguna is the largest laguna in the Mediterranean: 550 square km, of which 8% is composed of Venice and minor islands and 80% of tidal flats or artificial dredging mounds. About 80,000 inhabitants of the municipality of Venice actually reside in the laguna, while more than 2/3 of the 260,000 total reside on the mainland immediately surrounding it. Since 1987 it has been a Unesco World Heritage site.

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